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"Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Determining Your Watch Band Size"

How to pick the right size band for your watch (including smart watches)

Choosing a new band for your watch can be exciting, especially when selecting a customized one. Use the diagram below to identify the parts of the watch and read the information below the diagram about specific selecting the right size band.

Basic Information for all watches:

Customized bands will include three (3) measurements:

lug measure: measurement between the two lug ends on the watch case

lower strap size: usually larger size than upper strap. Common sizes include "120mm"

and "133mm". This measure is the length from watch case

to end of band

upper strap size: smaller size than the lower strap and usually only comes in "70mm"


Apple Watch Bands

Apple bands do not have lugs on case. Check your manual or information within your user guide as to the measure across the case. The sizes are generally listed as "38/40 or 42/44" along with the band size. The attachment to the case is a metal slide.

Samsung Galaxy/Other Smart Watches

The key measure is the length between the two lug ends. The customized bands are sized as "20mm" only. These bands will fit 18/19mm lug measurement. The pins included with the band will be too small for 22mm width.

Generic Analog/Digital Watches

These decorated bands will also fit some watches that have large watch case. The information listed for the Samsung Galaxy band applies to analog/digital watches.

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